Project name: 

Project type:
interior design
Location: Beijing

Design & Completion Year: 2021
Status: Built
Gross built area: 460 sqm




460 平米

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 ©张旭 Xu Zhang

Comparing to those iconic big factory buildings with Bauhaus style in 798 zone, this factory is not so special. Its history is impossible to trace back, and tenants afterwards also made a lot of add-on in both interior and exterior space. It also reduced the original form of massing which is more and more ambiguous. 

The concept of VOYAGE COFFEE brand is very simple and strong, “make good coffee”.  So this concept also became the start point of architectural design. We reckon turning the space back to the origin is maybe the biggest respect to both the brand and the space. Café space requires bright and refreshing atmosphere,  but masonry-concrete structure doesn’t allow big window. So we followed the existing structural column and strengthen the structure. The façade along the street is also separated vertically to two parts. The square steel in between is wider than other. It is to avoid the view of big thermal pipelines of 798 overhead on that height level along the street. 

In the same building, there is a customized bicycle shop on the other side of the wall. We demolished this load-bearing wall and replaced with steel structure which make the space more fluid. Customers can enter from entry either café’s or bicycle shop’s, also can have enjoy interesting experience of drinking coffee while watching engineer fixing bicycle. In the same time the new second floor space play the role of their open office.