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Project name: 

Project type:
interior design
Location: Beijing

Design & Completion Year: 2021
Status: Built
Gross built area: 460 sqm




460 平米

blue print of 90s

main entrance


The project is inside an office building located in Jiangtai Road In Beijing which is designed by local design institute and came into use in 1996. It is built as an assembly factory of No.506 electronic center, a very important research and development base of industrial communication device. Nokia used to set their office here when they first entered China.

It is a frame structure box with 6-storey high and wrapped with tiles. There is no remarkable difference with other ordinary office buildings in the same era, except for its 100m long façade along the street. When we took this project, property management company was trying to make this building look like new and modern by putting granite panel on existing tiles.
The existing office interior is also covered with most common materials. We take away the interior decoration materials and partitions, as our first step of renovation. We aim to reveal its original fine look, 450 sqm space with 4.2 meters height, decent cast-in terrazzo floor, silvery heating radiator.

Our design is strictly base on owner's “low cost”. The reasonable renovation progress and open functionality in the future are core, instead of final image of design. We aim for the space with easy construction, low energy consumption, better look and function after use.

After removed the “make-up” of the interior, we insert H-beam system into the space aligning at 2.9m high. It defines the boundary of small chambers on the north side such as meeting room and design lab, while it organizes the furniture arrangement in the open desk zone. Every component is designed for modulization with faster assembling which refers to Jean Prouvé’s prefabricated house. Panel material follows the discipline of function without losing aesthetic qualities. We use paperbacked gypsum board with no decoration as wall panel, and coated industrial steel sheet as ceiling panel. H-beam also plays the role of “patch-board”, plugged components in such as sliding partition rail, cable tray, wireless AP, etc. And it provides possibilities of installing more electric appliances in the future.




“卸妆”后的空间被整体植入一个H型钢系统,置于与外窗齐平的2.9m高度上。它限定了北侧会议室、实验室等隔间的分布,同时组织起开放办公区的空间规划。我们参考学习了Jean Prouve对装配式建筑的尝试,将隔间的各部件按照模数设计,搭建起来迅速便捷。在材质上,设计也遵循了从功能出发的原则,裸露的纸面石膏板夹心吸音棉为墙板,室外工棚常见的彩钢板做屋顶。


under construction


under construction

 ©朱雨蒙@coppak studio

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