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61 平米

Project name: 
Root Down BJ
Project type:
interior design

Location: Beijing
Design & Completion 
Year: 2019-2020
Status: Built
Gross built area: 61 sqm


 ©朱雨蒙 Yumeng Zhu

This project locates in the bottom of a residential building that on the edge of Sunlitun area. Being different from centre of Sunlitun that crowd and retails placed closely side by side, here restaurants and bars arranged favorably along the street. When it comes to the evening, white collars looking for an after-work drink and students from school, residents from grocery cross over in this street.


This residence was built in 00s, the retails on GF are equally tiny due to the layout above and arrangement of risers. Furthermore, bar entrance is deeply inside of the building and that can be named valuelessness without a street shopfront. A worthless retail appears illogical, however, we would like to transform it into a secret base, to cause a chord in the hearts of people. We aimed to find an appropriate method of space transformation to impress people with the quality of hiddenness in the residence. Our design refers to a submarine, it means that you will find a parallel world by a clue through ordinary appearance. In this secret base, music fulfills the space and space enfolds the music.


Removing the residential features, which are 3 small windows to the north and risers in the centre, is the first step. We replaced two windows with a full length and height vinyl shelf to emphasize the feature of music bar. We also reshaped the other to a submarine round window. Copper tubes are used to cover risers with a sculpture appearance, not only to resolve awkward appearing of risers, but also to demonstrate impression inside a submarine with suspended ceiling. Space is quite limited same with cabin, in this way fittings need to be well organized with combined functions. The vinyl shelf is not only for record display, but also for arrangement of speakers, amplifiers and stabilizer. A functional collection of DJ, bartending, light control can be found along the bar counter.


For the impression of a vintage vinyl bar, Copper has been used as a key material to connect different space. The electric cable conduit pipe connects light fixtures on both ceiling and wall, with a customized circular cable box. We also use copper as description of louvers for ventilation, handrail, frame, protect board of entry door, the dividing strip between terrazzo flooring.








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